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Throughout the event, BSidesCharm will be showing some of the best InfoSec conference talks from the previous year as well as an assortment of hacker movies in the on-site movie theater. Come hang out at any part of the day!

Day Time Showing
Sat 1100 Detecting the Elusive Active Directory Threat Hunting (Sean Metcalf)
Sat 1200 Finding Evil in DNS Traffic (Keelyn Roberts)
Sat 1300 Wargames film
Sat 1500 Hackers vs Defenders Can the defender ever stop playing catch up and win (Mano Paul)
Sat 1600 Alignment of business and IT Security (Shane Harsch)
Sat 1700 Active Defense for Web Apps (Grid aka Scott M)
Sat 1830 BBS: The Documentary
Sun 1000 Rapid Incident Response with PowerShell (Mick Douglas)
Sun 1100 Does DoD Level Security Work in the Real World (Jeff Man)
Sun 1200 What Can my Logs Tell Me (Art Petrochenko)
Sun 1300 Hackers film
Sun 1515 Threat Modeling for Secure Software Design (Robert Hurlbut)