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CFP notifications

posted Feb 9, 2018, 11:28 AM by Jeff Brocious
We want to thank everyone who submitted talk and training ideas to the BSidesCharm 2018 CFP.  This was by far the largest response we have received.  

All notifications for our CFP have been sent out to the primary contact on the CFP form.  If you submitted a talk or training to our CFP and have not received notification, contact speakers at bsidescharm dot com.

There were over 80 submissions, but with only 20-22 talk slots, we had to make a lot of tough decisions.  The vast majority of the submissions were really, really good.  We just couldn't accept all of them.  Please don't take a rejection as a negative.  We will provide as much feedback to those who request it as we can.  Please be sure to submit those talks and trainings to other BSides too.  There are quite a few right now with open CFPs.  And definitely submit to BSidesCharm again next year.  Who knows, we may have room for more talks.